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Revered 2.3-qt. Whistling Teakettle - Cookware & Baking - Teakettles
I miss our old kettle We purchased this kettle to replace our 25 year old Revere Ware kettle because it was worn out. The quality is no where near the original. It is muc ...

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Question : I am trying to replace a 2 qt tea kettle P Revere whistle, and need tele # for cus. service for P Revere Ware.
I have been on line and talked with several people at the Paul Revere numbers listed, and still no luck. Does anybody know a phone # for Customer Service with Paul Revere Ware, or any other way to replace a missing whistle for this 1960's 2 qt tea kettle

This question has been posted for a week without an answer. my guess is that you have already looked at the Revere Ware website, but just in case you haven't, here is the link:http://www.revereware.com/I doubt that Revere Ware will have a replacement part. Tea kettles are very common at flea markets and antique malls. It might be worth stopping by the nearest ones, you just might find what you are looking for. Good luck with your search.


Question : Is is bad to drink from a copper tea kettle that has turned green inside
I bought a cheap tea kettle, made in China, and they recommended to always dump out the water at the end of using it. Of course, it's not my habit to always do that. I don't remember us doing that with Revere Ware, for example.Now I see why they said that -- it has "oxidized", or developed a greenish-blue coating, on the copper inside the kettle, on the bottom. Do you think this is ok to still drink from, or should I get a new kettle Informed answers are appreciated, thanks

Mine's all green as well. I never considered it a hazard. I'll watch your question, but I can't imagine it would be dangerous. Like you said, it's just oxidized copper.



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